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Hawaii travel tips reddit. Oahu vs. Maui (from someone who has lived on both)


But there are still plenty of low-cost ways to enjoy the best of the islands — pristine beaches, local flavors, stunning natural beauty — without sacrificing your experience. Here’s how. You can find deals on airfare and accommodations during the slower shoulder months — September and October, January and February, April and May — avoiding peak travel times like summer, winter and spring break.

Why fly all the way to Hawaii and stay on one island? Read more: When to go to Hawaii. Plus, staying on one island means you can really explore everything it has to offer. Maui is just as vibrant, with more country charm and quaint towns like Hana and Makawao. Hawaii Island, aka the Big Island , boasts active volcanoes, rolling ranchlands and old-Hawaii charm.

Read more: How to choose the best Hawaiian island for your trip. Fares are based on distance and calculated up front, and rides can be scheduled in advance. The best part? Gas, maintenance and insurance are all included.

You can also ditch the cars entirely — no worries about parking! Read more: How to get around in Hawaii. Enjoy the best parts of Hawaii — its beaches , gardens, parks, and hiking trails — without spending much. Most beaches in Hawaii are free and accessible year-round. Hanauma Bay has an online reservation system , limiting the number of visitors to the pristine nature reserve to fewer than a day.

While state-run hiking trails are normally free to access, some have small fees. While each island boasts upscale, farm-to-table restaurants that will break your food budget, Hawaii is also known for its home-style local cuisine. Plate lunches, bento Japanese box meals and poke bowls cubed ahi, raw and seasoned, and served atop rice are plentiful — and affordable. And poke bowls are everywhere — affordable and filling meals you can grab even from convience stores.

If your short-term rental has a kitchen, you may want to save money by cooking in. Many serve prepared foods, too. Many hotels and malls offer free entertainment and classes in cultural practices such as lei-making, ukulele-playing, and hula. The Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki offers all that plus lauhala-weaving and free Hawaiian entertainment. Opt for self-guided tours to save some money. You will even sample some of the food from neighborhood shops and restaurants.

You can download the Shaka Guide app for self-guided GPS audio tours of popular attractions across the islands. You might also like: The best things to do in Hawaii you probably didn’t know about Hawaii’s 20 most stunning views you have to see to believe 17 best places to visit in Hawaii.

This article was first published April and updated December Lonely Planet’s Best of Hawaii is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Explore downtown Honolulu, hang out in hip-again Waikiki or hike the verdant Kalalau Trail; all with your trusted travel companion.

Be smart about island-hopping Why fly all the way to Hawaii and stay on one island? Read more: When to go to Hawaii Get more travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter. Things you can’t miss in Hawaii. Buy the Best of Hawaii travel guide Lonely Planet’s Best of Hawaii is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you.

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– Oahu vs. Maui (from someone who has lived on both) – The Hawaii Vacation Guide


I now own three rash guards. The sun is different in Hawaii — it’s right on the equator, so the sun is direct. And since it’s humid, you might not think you are burning, but you really are.

Plus, if you plan on snorkeling, that’s a lot of direct sun right on your back, which is my least favorite spot to get a sunburn! Even if you plan on coming back with a nice tan always my plan , you should pack a rash guard. If you don’t want to peel, you’ll want to give your skin a break for a day or so after it’s been in the sun a long time. Even on your hikes there will almost always be water, waterfalls, or cliffs to jump off. Burglary can be an issue in Hawaii, so think twice before bringing a pro-grade camera.

Of course, these days, everyone has a cellphone with a. But one option you may want to consider is bringing a GoPro. Not only are newer models waterproof, but they also can be strapped on, freeing up your hands for more important things — like throwing your arms in the air as you soar along the zipline!

If you are going to fly all the way to Hawaii, you might as well visit multiple islands, as inter-island flights aren’t that expensive. Also, with inexpensive airlines like Southwest flying to Hawaii, it shouldn’t be too hard to pay for your flight to Hawaii entirely with points. See my post on how to fly to Hawaii for free for more info on this.

I had no idea how thorough these books are. What I love about the guidebooks is that all of the Hawaii tips are completely unbiased. He does all of his reviews anonymously, and he pays for everything that he does.

I had a hard time putting down the books because they were so well put together, and the author is pretty funny too. One way to make sure you really enjoy your first luau is to schedule it for the end of your time in Hawaii. So do yourself a favor: plan your luau as a way to celebrate the end of your trip to Hawaii, not the beginning.

Melissa Conn from The Family Voyage. What is one of the very best things about visiting Hawaii? That amazing Pacific Ocean you get to swim in! The beautiful blue waters, colorful fish, sea turtles, and all of that coral reef that you find everywhere around the islands.

However, when you are snorkeling or scuba diving , you need to make sure to protect the reef by using the correct sunscreen. Many sunscreens you buy and bring to Hawaii have an ingredient called oxybenzone in them, which is very harmful to the coral reef systems in Hawaii. The chemical bleaches the reefs, ridding them of their color, and sometimes die altogether.

Most sunscreens you can purchase on the islands are reef safe, however it is best to make sure. In addition, if you are on a scuba or snorkel excursion, many times they will offer reef safe sunscreen for free. All in all, one of the best things you can do in Hawaii is get out into the water and see the beautiful coral reef. Just make sure that you are using reef safe sunscreen when you are getting into that beautiful water! Do some research before you get to the island to determine the most family-friendly beaches, and stick with those.

One of my personal favorites is Lydgate Beach on Kauai , with two protected swimming lagoons. Opt for lifeguarded beaches, and always check the beach warning signs when you get there.

Hawaiian beaches are incredible, and should absolutely be the first thing you do when you get to the island!

But be smart about water safety and have a plan for where to swim. Dani Ward from Diapers in Paradise. Before going on any hike, it is very important to check the weather and floodplains. If there is a possibility of rain, look to see if your hike goes through a floodplain or crosses any rivers. If it does, there is a chance for a rapid rise in water levels or water overflowing into the area you are hiking. Partway through our hike, we got caught in heavy downpour.

It was above our knees. We soon reached the second river, which we could see rising rapidly from all the rain. Erin Tracy from Traveling Thru History. If you are visiting Hawaii and most likely Oahu for the first time, enjoy your visit to Honolulu and Waikiki and that part of paradise. But if you really want to get a flavor of the entire island, go on a circle island tour.

Or better yet, rent a car and do your own circle island tour, which is a fantastic way to experience the best and rest of the island. On a tour, you can choose where you want to go, the attractions that appeal to you or just do a fantastic drive with coastal views and find some nice scenic spots along the way to enjoy and photograph. You can visit popular attractions including Pearl Harbor , the Dole Plantation , Haleiwa , and the North Shore area with the Banzai pipeline, Sharks cove and into the gorgeous eastern coastlines.

Along the way there, you can visit the Mormon temple, Byodo-In Temple and the stunning beaches at Lanikai and Kailua beach. For more inspiration, check out my tour of the North Shore of Oahu here for more images and popular things to do and see in the area.

With just three days in Oahu, I was overwhelmed with the tens of things to see and do with so little time. Instead, I packed a dry bag with a bikini, snorkel set, and sturdy shoes and hopped on the Surf Bus, a small group tour that stops at a handful of places around Oahu rather than at every noteworthy destination. Rather than being stuck on a bus all day, I had plenty of time to snorkel , hike , and go on a kayaking excursion.

The day ended with a heaping pile of shave ice. Don’t travel to Hawaii during school holidays. Tourists crowd Hawaii’s stunning beaches in summer and winter. During school holidays, flight and hotel rates are off the charts — between Christmas and New Years, condos and vacation rentals can run three times as much as rates in early December.

Do visit Hawaii in the off-season. Hands down the best values on visiting Hawaii can be found in May and October. With prices reasonably low and the weather at its peak — not too hot, not too rainy — take advantage of the perks of off-season travel to jet off to the islands. Current spring and fall flight deals from the West Coast are half of July rates. Additionally, hotels and condos generally slash their prices off-season, rewarding visitors with oceanfront accommodations that typically sell out in peak months.

Don’t blow your whole budget on a luxury resort. Instead, fork over the cash for a lomilomi massage and gourmet seafood dinner, and make your own poolside Mai Tai at a rental condo. Do consider staying in a condo. Repeat visitors know to rent a condo. Kitchens, ample square footage, washing machines and privacy afford travelers a more authentic and often less costly vacation experience.

It’s common for numerous companies to manage individual units in the same complex, meaning one property may be decked out by a globetrotting interior decorator, while another may be awash in wicker. Be sure to see photos of the particular condo you’re interested in and get specifics on the number and configuration of beds.

Don’t try to see everything. While each island has its own personality, it is too expensive and exhausting to island-hop the entire archipelago on one vacation.