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Hawaii five o season 4 guest stars
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More purchase options. O kela me keia manawa. Archived from the original on April 22, Five-0 investigate the murder of Kyle Russo, a Secret Service agent who is found in a barrel of lye, and learns that the President is visiting Hawaii to participate in a secret meeting with North Korean delegates. New This Month.

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Sign In. Hawaii Five-0 — Year: S4, Ep1. Error: please try again. Before McGarrett can get answers about his mother from Wo Fat, terrorists break into the prison and also take hostages at Five-0 headquarters. S4, Ep2. A hard-as-nails Texas Ranger arrives on the island to look for his missing daughter, Kono and Adam’s secure location is compromised, and an old friend comes to Catherine with a job offer.

S4, Ep3. A married couple’s execution leads Five-0 to a mystery involving stolen artifacts and a long-forgotten secret society, and Catherine goes through her last day with the Navy.

S4, Ep4. As Five-0 deals with the murder of an ex-con wedding crasher, McGarrett and Danny deal are forced to deal with problems in their relationships. S4, Ep5. McGarrett tries to find the man who killed his old SEAL friend Billy while he and Catherine were working a surveillance job, and he also turns to Joe White to track down his mother. S4, Ep6. After a “zombie attack” at a Halloween party, Five-0 discovers a mad doctor who is conducting bizarre human experiments. S4, Ep7.

Five-0 tries to figure out who killed an officer who was working undercover for the ATF, while also babysitting for McGarrett’s sister Mary’s new baby. S4, Ep8. McGarrett and Grover reluctantly work together to issue a summons to a young man who turns out to be a dangerous cyberterrorist. S4, Ep9. The death of a secret service agent leads Five-0 to believe an assassin is targeting the president during a trip to Hawaii, and McGarrett gets a surprise Thanksgiving visit from his Aunt Deb.

S4, Ep A murder attempt on a Pearl Harbor veteran leads Five-0 to use decades old evidence to investigate a deadly crime committed in an internment camp on Oahu during WWII. While investigating a homicide during an attempted home burglary, Five-0 stumbles onto a serial killer, and Chin Ho may be his next victim. When Captain Grover’s friend disappears, Five-0 discovers that his friend was hiding a dangerous secret. Internal Affairs questions Chin about his father’s murder 15 years ago and his relationship with Malia.

A convicted murderer escapes from custody, holds McGarrett and Danny hostage, and claims that he was framed for the crime. Five-0 investigates the murder of a real estate agent, Danny’s mother comes to Hawaii with big surprise news, and captain Grover reveals a secret about his past to McGarrett. Five-0 investigates a triple homicide connected to a downed top-secret Chinese satellite, while Grover takes Danny’s mother on a ride-along.

Five-0 looks for a year-old girl who is kidnapped after her father is murdered, Danny launches a plan to keep his mother from getting a divorce, and Jerry uncovers a new clue for McGarrett related to “Shelbourne.

One of Chin Ho and Jerry’s high school classmates is killed during their class reunion, and McGarrett and Danny find a new clue at the secret burial site. McGarrett and Danny are trapped in the rubble of a blown-up building after an informant’s tip on a gun buy goes wrong. The team uncovers an Islamic terrorist plot involving American college students. While Five-0 investigates a homicide related to a stolen transplant organ, McGarrett joins Catherine for a trip to Afghanistan so she can help a friend whose son has been kidnapped by the Taliban.

Cyber-criminal Ian Wright holds Grover’s daughter hostage and demands that Grover help him out with a multi-million dollar heist. Meanwhile, Wo Fat escapes from maximum security in Colorado. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Top Gap. See more gaps ». Add episode. Top TV Shows of Create a list ». Currently Watching. Watched TV series. My Favorite TV shows. See all related lists ». Share this page:. Clear your history.


Hawaii five o season 4 guest stars –


Sign In. Hawaii Five Action Crime Drama. A convicted murderer escapes from custody, holds McGarrett and Danny hostage, and claims that he was framed for the crime. Director Peter Weller. Top credits Director Peter Weller. See more at IMDbPro. Add photo. Top cast Edit. Scott Caan Danny Williams. Grace Park Kono Kalakaua. Masi Oka Max Bergman. Michelle Borth Catherine Rollins. Chi McBride Lou Grover. Michael Madsen Roy Parrish. Taylor Wily Kamekona.

Lyndon Smith Lauren Parrish. Teilor Grubbs Grace Williams. Keiko Elizabeth Principal Ann Fiske. Geoff Heise Judge. Jackie Tufa-Marques School Secretary. Chris Gritti Impala Driver. Alan Y. Okamoto Defense Attorney. Fileena Bahris Blond Pedestrian uncredited. Peter Weller. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The title translates roughly as “The Sins of the Father. Goofs Parrish orders Danny to handcuff Steve to the steering wheel of the car and continue to drive.

Steve would have unable to make a right or left hand turn as the steering wheel could not rotate even one revolution without dislocating Steve’s arm. User reviews 3 Review. Featured review. Michael Madsen is just superb in this thrilling episode.

Unusual episode as it ends tragically but Madsen is just superb as the father who has not seen his daughter. This might be the best Hawaii Five-0 I’ve ever seen. Michael Madsen shows his range again as an actor.

The actress who plays his daughter is excellent as well and both Danny and Steve play very nicely with Michael Madsen. Details Edit. Release date January 31, United States. United States. O’ahu, Hawaii, USA. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 44 minutes. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content.

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Hawaii five o season 4 guest stars –


Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Season 4 U. DVD cover. September 27, — May 9, List of episodes. Peter M. After taking him to Five-0 headquarters to interrogate him, more NLM gunmen seize ‘Iolani Palace , the building where Five-0 is situated, and hold everyone hostage to retrieve Cosi.

McGarrett and Danny hide him, until the leader Henry Ian Cusick threatens to kill the hostages if they do not surrender. The terrorists kill Cosi, and willingly surrender. Later, McGarrett visits Wo Fat before he leaves Hawaii for the reason Doris visited him, and Wo Fat claims she came to apologize for killing his father. Toast later analyses the footage from the destroyed tablet table and the team discover that during the siege the NLM found Adam and Kono’s location in Zhejiang , China and sold it to the Yakuza , prompting Chin to call Kono and warn her while also stating that she and Adam should leave right away.

Kono and Adam attempt to do so, only to discover that Yazuka members are already at their hideout. October 4, Kono and Adam survive a Yakuza assault and escape from their safe house. In Hawaii, Five-0 investigate the murder of a limo driver. Harper informs the team that his daughter was kidnapped, and he is after her abductors.

During the course of their investigation they learn that Harper’s daughter had run away to Hawaii with her boyfriend, year-old Carl Jacobson it is implied they had sex at one point or another.

Carl had actually gone to Hawaii to transport money for some other criminals, but he was robbed. In retaliation, the bosses expecting the money kidnapped Harpers daughter and demanded the money be returned back to them. After some threatening, the criminals give up the location of the daughter, and the team go to rescue her. In the meantime, McGarrett learns that former Navy colleague Billy Harrington Justin Bruening offered Catherine a job at his private security firm, as she is considering leaving the Navy.

Though Catherine initially turns it down, McGarrett convinces her to accept the offer. October 11, Married couple Kaylea and Phillip Van Horn are found murdered in their swimming pool, and evidence points towards a professional hit. They later find that one of their artifacts, an emblem of the Royal League, a disbanded secret society, of which Phillip’s great-great grandfather was a member, is missing.

He suggests that the killers wanted the emblem as “the key” to find rings smuggled from Italy that are hidden in Hawaii. The team later celebrate Catherine’s retirement, and McGarrett enlists Max to procure a special gift for the ceremony. Christina M. October 18, Five-0 investigate the shooting death of a wedding crasher, Brad Dixon. McGarrett suspects the runaway bride, Dahlia Swaine Briana Lane , after video footage shows her scared reaction after seeing the victim, indicating the two had a history.

Chin Ho discovers that the victim ran several scams with Dahlia, revealed to be his sister Nicole Dixon, as an accomplice. They later find Nicole, barely alive from an apparent car accident. After she is stabilized, Five-0 learns that someone actually kicked her car over the edge, and evidence points towards her brother trying to kill her.

Together the two learn that Kono is wanted dead as well, and that the hit is not about revenge for Michael Noshimori’s death. October 25, On a routine assignment, Catherine and Billy Harrington witness a hit man killing their subject, John Cutler, and wounds the two, with Billy later dying in hospital from injuries sustained in the gunfight while Catherine survives albeit with an injured left arm. Five-0 return to the house to find it had been cleaned out of any evidence. After finding Cutler’s body in his second car, the team learns from his encrypted laptop that he was spying on his wife’s security company on orders from a rival company.

Five-0 realizes that the company’s CEO was responsible for cleaning up the scene, but still agrees to give them all the evidence they gathered although the evidence is later discovered to have been contaminated, further complicating the investigation. In Hong Kong, Adam allows himself to be captured for Kono’s safety. The team later say goodbye to Billy who is buried with full military honors. November 1, While Max is attending a Halloween party, a police officer shoots a crazed doctor Michael Besner who later infects Max too.

Five-0 find traces of a drug that drug cartels use to control their victims. They soon realize that Besner entered a morgue to cut off the head of a corpse, Lisa Mills, who died in a car accident. She was presumed missing a year earlier before she resurfaced, and Five-0 believe that Lisa was kidnapped after finding cameras in her car and apartment. November 8, Five-0 investigate the murder of Bryan Carpenter, but later learn he is Matt Hutchins, who Chin recognises as a former police academy cadet.

However, it is later revealed that Dekker loaned him the money, and Hutchins was using it to find a mole in the ATF, who is feeding information on the rival gangs.

Meanwhile, during the course of the investigation, Mary Taryn Manning returns with her adoptive baby daughter, who the team have to look after while Mary has food poisoning. Catherine captures Kuroda and later learns of Sato’s location, after which she officially joins Five November 15, Kono helps Five-0 minus Danny, who is in New Jersey with his family to celebrate his father turning 60, capture Sato Louis Ozawa Changchien , who reveals that Adam is not dead.

Kono leaves again to find him. Afterwards, Governor Denning Richard T. After arriving in his home, the two are ambushed and Ian is kidnapped. Five-0 discover that the kidnappers are professional bank robbers, and Wright is also an expert computer hacker who helped the gang rob a bank. Allison Liddi-Brown. November 22, Five-0 investigate the murder of Kyle Russo, a Secret Service agent who is found in a barrel of lye, and learns that the President is visiting Hawaii to participate in a secret meeting with North Korean delegates.

After finding one of his accomplices, it is revealed that the President is not the target, but a young woman, Andrea Hicks, who is in hiding after witnessing a murder in Dallas.

Meanwhile, McGarrett’s aunt Deb Carol Burnett pays a surprise visit for Thanksgiving, where she reveals that she has an inoperable brain tumor and chooses not to seek treatment which leaves Steve devastated. Kono finds a lead to Adam’s location in Seattle. December 20, Five-0 investigate the murder of a serial burglar, later identified as Victor Dobbs by Kamekona, at the trunk of a car. They find a laptop at his residence containing a list of all the homes Dobbs burgled.

Zeno Stavrik 1 episode, Casey Fogerty 1 episode, Johnny Kling 1 episode, Ted Bonner 1 episode, Frank Devlin 1 episode, Elaine Sebastian 1 episode, Sister Harmony 1 episode, Mik Chandler 1 episode, Willy Barker 1 episode, Kenneth Kirk 1 episode, Johnny Noah 1 episode, Al Marsh 1 episode, Roy Crawford 1 episode, Sonya Hansen 1 episode, Victor Fong 1 episode, Rashid 1 episode, David Kaluna 1 episode, Mary Ellen Klane 1 episode, Dolores Sandover 1 episode, Eudora Finch 1 episode, Carole Walker 1 episode, Andy Kamoku 1 episode, Dorothy Meighan 1 episode, Lureen 1 episode, Karen Lynch 1 episode, Gerry Colby 1 episode, Maren Wilson 1 episode, Neal Forrester 1 episode, Jonas Halloran 1 episode, Anthony Del Vecchi 1 episode, Willie McFee 1 episode, Ann 1 episode, Joseph Matsukino 1 episode, Paul Oliwa 1 episode, Georgiade 1 episode, Emma Trinian 1 episode, Nora Reese 1 episode, Aunt Martha 1 episode, Alexandra Kemp 1 episode, Marty Sloane 1 episode, George Kalakua 1 episode, Nat Keller 1 episode, Ned Horvath 1 episode, Diana Cole 1 episode, Ramon 1 episode, Hody Linquist 1 episode, Hutch 1 episode, David Forbes 1 episode, Thurman Elliott 1 episode, Carl Anderson 1 episode, Richard Fairbirne 1 episode, Ted Frazer 1 episode, Theresa Dietrich 1 episode, Austin Summers 1 episode, Don Miles 1 episode, Nelson Blake 1 episode, Claire Cunningham 1 episode, David Harper 1 episode, Buddhist Monk 2 episodes, ER Doctor 2 episodes, Detective Belden 2 episodes, Sandra Cutler 2 episodes, Omar Hassan 2 episodes, Nick Towne 1 episode, Kahele 1 episode, Priest 2 episodes, Pierre Shaw 1 episode, Bryan Lee 1 episode, Kang 1 episode, Yakuza Soldier 1 2 episodes, Female Hotel Employee 1 episode, Marcus 1 episode, Assassin 3 1 episode, Erica Harris 1 episode, Sergeant Cage 1 episode, Ben Bass 1 episode, Nick Taylor 1 episode, Roland Lowry 1 episode, Frank Salvo 1 episode, Susan 1 episode, Deputy Director Sheldon Tunney 1 episode, Amy 1 episode, Robert Rovin 1 episode, Reggie Cole 1 episode, Aunt Mele 1 episode, Carlton Bass 1 episode, Bradford Matinsky 1 episode, Joey 1 episode, Walton Dawkins 1 episode, Camille Townsend 1 episode, Jimmy Cannon 1 episode, Sylvia Spencer 1 episode, Courtney Russell 1 episode, Tyler 1 episode, Agent Edward Kipton 1 episode, Julie Masters 1 episode, Jordan 1 episode, Tony Archer 1 episode, Callen 1 episode, Deacon MacKenna 1 episode, Amy Hanamoa 1 episode, Evan Lowry 1 episode, Anton Hesse 1 episode, Lily Wilson 1 episode, Linda Leon 1 episode, Sarah Reeves 1 episode, Nancy Harris 1 episode, General Pak 1 episode, Junior Satele 1 episode, Prison Inmate 1 episode, Gordon Smith 1 episode, Samuel Lee 1 episode, Cory Sampson 1 episode, Richard Davis 1 episode, Kensi Blye 1 episode, Renny Sinclair 1 episode, Chi 1 episode, Saloni 1 episode, Judge Kamalei 1 episode, Commander Sam Hale 1 episode, Kevin 1 episode, Sean Leung 1 episode, Martin Cordova 1 episode, Jordan Nevins 1 episode, Grace Tilwell 1 episode, Sam Hanna 1 episode, Ron Alberts 1 episode, Seth Tilton 1 episode, Gil Scates 1 episode, Amanda Chase 1 episode, Al Shepard 1 episode, Bobby Raines 1 episode, Barbara Cotchin 1 episode, Marshall Demps 1 episode, Ray Harper 1 episode, Ray Beckett 1 episode, David Toriyama 1 episode, Tony Gibson 1 episode, Jenny Kitson 1 episode, Wes Lincoln 1 episode, Bill Walker 1 episode, Desmond Abati 1 episode, Drago Zankovic 1 episode, Jordan Townsend 1 episode, Kurt Miller 1 episode, Ambassador Michael Reeves 1 episode, Buddy 1 episode, Tuinei 1 episode, DA Roberts 1 episode, Elizabeth Roan 1 episode, Karla 1 episode, Jesse Billings 1 episode, Elliott Connor 1 episode, Johnny D.

Tanya 1 episode, Spenser Owens 1 episode, Lisa Cole 1 episode, Captain Chris 1 episode, Olivia Victor 1 episode, Spencer Madsen 1 episode, Dennis Mack 1 episode, Jesse Hills 1 episode, AJ 1 episode, Karl Strathern 1 episode, Morty Sapperstein 1 episode, Benjamin Gallagher 1 episode, Luke Preston 1 episode, Freddie Hart 1 episode, Savannah Walker 1 episode, Bullwinkle 1 episode, Henry Upton 1 episode, Crimson Bride 1 episode, Don McKinney 1 episode, Arturo Casey 1 episode, Josh Lowry 1 episode, November 23, When an emissary of “Big Uncle,” the mainland syndicate’s boss of bosses, is murdered, McGarrett fears a gangland war is about to break out among the four bosses in Hawaii.

David Opatoshu and Manu Tupou guest star. November 30, A syndicate boss Albert Paulsen seeks revenge when his light-heavyweight boxer’s hand is smashed by a punchy ex-fighter Moses Gunn. December 21, McGarrett searches for an ecology fanatic whose pranks are harmless until he threatens the lives of those he feels are the cause of the islands’ pollution.

December 28, Lewis Avery Filer, last encountered in “Over Fifty? Hume Cronyn returns as Filer. MacGarrett’s only clues are a stolen photograph and a I. January 4, January 11, McGarrett is framed as a thief by Wo Fat, whose devious plot involves a notebook filled with secret codes–written in McGarrett’s handwriting, of all things. Note this episode has a scene of Danny Williams talking through a broken car window to the injured Steve McGarrett in the next season this scene replaced the opening teaser of Williams from Season 1.

Dana Wynter guest stars. Jack Lord guest stars as both his regular role as “Steve McGarrett” and his imposter who speaks with a dubbed British accent. Despite both of them being shot and killed in 3rd season “F. Honolulu”, Wo Fat and his chief henchman return to plague McGarrett! Donald Pleasence guest stars. January 18, Wo Fat’s plan revolves around a missile test–and ninety crucial seconds.