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Most popular sports teams in utah
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On top earthquake hawaii usgs that, baseball is a very high paying sport, and the Utah market may not be willing or able to pay that amount of cash. Image via WikiMedia Commons. By Destination: N-Z. The Raptors offered this as a selling point, using the slogan “All the fun without the ZZs!

Most popular sports teams in utah. What You Need To Know About Salt Lake City Sports Teams


Utah might not be the first place that you think of when it comes to pro sports. It is actually the 11 th -least populated state in the country, so the likelihood of there being many championship teams around the place seems pretty slim….

There are some major league pro sports teams to root for — and there are plenty more minor league and college teams representing at the top level.

If you want to find the best place to bet on the local teams, you should go to www. The Utah Jazz is probably the best well known team in the state. Although the Jazz is a regular in the postseason, it has never been able to win an NBA championship.

Those two players were the undoubted stars of a team that actually reached the finals two years running. Unfortunately for the Jazz, it was at a time when the one and only Michael Jordan ruled basketball. After a less successful period, the Jazz has reached the playoffs in each of the last six seasons, winning the Northwest Division for the last two. So maybe there will be some new stars that can go even further than the 90s legends.

The Jazz may grab most of the headlines — especially out of state — but it is the local soccer team that can boast to be the one and only national championship winners from these parts.

After a few years of not making it to the postseason, RSL surprised everyone by getting to the Conference Finals in and is pushing for the postseason once again this year. Football is probably the most popular, with seven schools playing at Division I level. It may be just basketball and soccer that are played at a major league level in Utah, but there are other well supported teams throughout the state. But there is also a Triple-A baseball team in Salt Lake too. Success has been rare though and there have been no titles won by the Bees up until this point.

The Grizzlies have been affiliated with the Anaheim Ducks and the Calgary Flames for periods of their history but are now aligned with the Colorado Avalanche — their closest geographical NHL club. Utah very successfully hosted the Winter Olympics in and is a regular host of one-off events in other sports. But will there ever be another major league pro sports team in the state?

There do seem to be influential people in the world of sports hoping that there will be more representation at the highest level of basketball, hockey or baseball. Rugby is one of the growing sports in Utah — and has a rich history at Brigham Young. But, even with the emergence of Major League Rugby in recent years, this is not a sport that will make the evening round-ups.

The owner of the Utah Jazz does have plans to bring a third major league team to the state though. There are no definitive plans at his stage, but the hope is that either major league baseball or hockey will be played in Salt Lake City in the next five to ten years.

Football seems out of the question, given the exorbitant costs of hosting an expansion franchise. Although baseball would seem to be a popular move, it is hockey that probably seems the most likely. Although Utah has not traditionally been a hockey town, it can be argued that San Jose or even Los Angeles, were hardly hotbeds either before their franchises were awarded.

The main factor that Utah has going against it, as far as bringing another major league pro sports franchise to the state goes, is the relatively small media market. Pro league owners want to see how money can be made with expansion teams and Salt Lake City, or Utah as a whole, would need a watertight plan to convince the NHL or those in charge at MLB. Utah Pulse.


– Most popular sports teams in utah

Team: Conference: Location: Brigham Young Cougars: WCC: Provo, UT: Utah Tech Trailblazers: WAC: St. George, UT: Southern Utah Thunderbirds: WAC: Cedar City, UT: Utah State . Jun 27,  · Finally, basketball and hockey teams were the most popular in nine states each. NBA teams came out on top in Arizona (Phoenix Suns), Massachusetts (Boston Celtics), . Sep 14,  · Utah is home to several popular sports teams including the Utah Jazz (NBA), Real Salt Lake (MLS), Utah Grizzlies (ECHL),the Salt Lake Bees as well as others. Utah is .