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Between the Levels

Between the Levels is a program where Dr. Jack will offer guidance as you transition from Level to Level in the formal Gottman training.

Gottman Certification Track

After Level 3, Dr. Jack will help you complete the final steps to become a Certified Gottman Therapist.


Whether you need help with a challenging case or career advice, Dr. Jack supports your growth with his knowledge and experience.

More About Mentoring Program

Give Your Couples The Best

Even the most educated and experienced therapist come across situations where they are unsure of the diagnosis or treatment plan.

You have access to expert collegial consultation.

Smart professionals – no matter what career field – know the importance of collaborating and consulting with their peers.

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How Mentoring Works

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Dr. Jack is one of about 25 Master Gottman Trainers in the world. He has collaborated with Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and mentored therapists throughout the United States. Based on a long career on the medical staff of Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland VAMC, he has an enduring interest in medical marriages and of other health professionals.

Learn from his knowledge, experience and network.

How Does Coaching Help You?

Reduce Job Stress & Burnout

Fine-tune Your Skills

Increase Your Knowledge

Help Your Clients Reach
Successful Outcomes

Increase Your Referrals
From Patients

Good About Your Career


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