Gottman Certification Track

The Final Step

Become A Certified Couples Therapist​

You’ve gone through training and clinical work. Now, put the final pieces together. Master how to help couples create greater meaning and connection.

Once you complete Level 3 Practicum, you have 2 years to enter the Certification Track. Remember, you have a maximum of 2 years to submit videos to a Consultant for final review. Pair with Dr. Jack as your Consultant for the final step.

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Live, Interactive Trainings via Zoom
Consultations via VSee

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Using VSee, a videoconference platform, Dr. Jack will coach you through the certification process and help you implement The Gottman Method successfully in your practice.


Dr. Jack will work with you to ensure you complete the Certifcation Track in the alloted time. Remember, if you have taken a Level 3 from him, you are eligible to retake the course for free.

Case Consultation

You will enter into a Case Consultation Contract with him for formal clinical consultation. The goal is to fine-tune your applications of Gottman therapy and also bring your best work in several designated via videos to an independent reviewer.

Master Gottman Trainer

Dr. Jack is one of about 25 Master Gottman Trainers worldwide. He has frequently trained other therapists who attend Drs. John and Julie Gottan’s clinical classes in Seattle. He works with the Gottmans and other counselors throughout the United States to present couples workshops.

Learn from his knowledge, experience and network.

Fulfill & Expand Your Career Goals

After completing the Certification Track, you will:

  • Earn the title of Certified Gottman Therapist
  • Be eligible to work as a roving therapist at couples workshops
  • Receive a discounted listing on the Gottman Referral Network
  • Improve your visibility as an authority in the field
  • Be eligible to attend Gottman-sponsored events and join Gottman social media groups

Be eligible for training to present:

  • Level 1 Trainings in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Level 2 Trainings in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Level 3 Trainings in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • The Art and Science of Love workshops for couples



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