Couples & Marriage Workshop

Created By The Gottman Institute

Heal & Re-invigorate Your Love

What Do Successful Couples Do To Foster Romance & Harmony?

That is the question Dr. John Gottman and his colleagues set out to answer more than 40 years ago. Discover their findings at The Art and Science of Love.

Groundbreaking, Myth-Busting Research

Say goodbye to chronic conflicts and underlying issues.
Say hello to deeper friendship and shared dreams.​
Workshop Is For All Couples In A Committed Relationship.

2021 Gottman Couples Workshops

May-June 2021


The Art and Science of Love | Couples Weekend Workshop

Build a sense of shared meaning.
Clarify your values.

Identify ways to connect.
Honor each other's dreams.

Data-Based: The Only Couples Workshop Based On Real Science

The Gottman Institute created The Art and Science of Love after studying more than 3,000 couples for 40+ years.

One study involved observing couples -- and even monitoring their vital signs -- living in a “Love Lab” at the University of Washington.

Live Workshop: Support & Guidance

Sometimes, workshop exercises can be emotionally challenging. Trained, certified therapists will guide you through the exercises and assist when necessary.

In moderated online couples workshops, the same support, guidance and assistance is provided.

Confidential: Privacy Is Respected

No group sharing of information is allowed. Couples gather for instruction from Dr. Jack. Then, they retreat to private spaces to discuss and practice relationship skills.

In moderated online couples workshops, privacy is secure in virtual breakout rooms.

Course Materials

2 Gottman Manuals
Take home the materials and continue to incorporate valuable workshop information into your everyday lives.

Gottman Love Maps, and Salsa and Open-Ended Card Decks
Connect emotionally, increase intimacy, and improve understanding in a fun, gentle way.

A PDF version of the manual and online apps are available as a cost-savings option.

Continuing Education Credit Available for Health Proffesionals.

94% say the
workshop had a
positive effect on their

Workshop’s impact
equivalent to 6 months of
non-Gottman therapy in
previous research.

Workshop based on 40
years of research and

Researchers studied
3,000+ couples, following
some for more than 20

Your Presenter: Dr. Jack

Dr. Jack is 1 of 25 Master Gottman Trainer worldwide, and has an extensive history of direct collaboration with Gottman Institute founders Drs. John and Julie Gottman. Dr. Jack also trains and certifies other healthcare professionals to become Gottman therapists.



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